Thursday, October 30, 2014

buying a house you say?

There is a guideline from singapore for buying a house, they call it 3-3-5 rule.

The first '3' requires you to have atleast 30% of the house price in cash.

The second '3' describes the monthly payment should not over than 1/3 of your monthly income.

The last '5' shows the house price should not more than 5 times of your annual income.


Assuming an employee with RM 3k salary, then his annual income should be rm36k, therefore...

3rd rule) maximum price is 5x36k =rm180k
2nd rule) he will spent rm1k every month
1st rule) he should ready 54k before deciding to buy the house.

Remember this is the worst case for 3k employee to afford 180k house. And they say...
"Rm 200k house = mampu milik house"?
Well, life is though... Any idea?

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