Saturday, October 18, 2014


i remembered a story. father, son and a donkey. they were on their way to a market to sell their donkey. on their way, as they passed a village, a group of people yelled at them, saying

        ' you guys are a fool. you has a donkey but why don't you ride it? it's a waste'

responding to that comment, the father and son both ride the donkey and continue their journey. then, they met another group of people. shouting at them.

       ' what an idiot. two people riding a small donkey? do you want that donkey to die. you ignorant dumb'

again, responding to the comment, the father get down from the donkey and let is son ride the donkey. as the journey continues, another group of people happened to bump them and they said,

      ' this kid is ungraceful. how could he easily in comfort ride the donkey while his father walking? doesn't he feel pity towards his father? shame on him'

hearing to the says, the kid get down from the donkey and let his father ride it. the journey continues. and again, they met a group of people who said to the father

      ' what kind of a father you are? how come you could be rest , riding a donkey while your small son need to walk. ?  he is the one who should be riding this donkey.'

many have heard this story. and many believe that the moral of this story is that not everyone will agree with what you do.

have we ever a moment stop and think if there is other moral taht could be harvest from the story?

how about the moral of one must have justification that based on knowledge and rational in any task , action or work being done. yes, we could not satisfy every human desire, but it is really necessary to accomplice with every comment made without stating our point of view and stance?

example: the father could state that his action of letting his son riding the donkey is because it is better for him as he might get hungry quickly if he walk and they have no money to buy any food unless the donkey was sold.

a simple explanation may in some cases shut people mouth but in many cases, they dont. bear in mind. not all action need to be justified. not all people deserved our explanation . now all situation worth fighting for

react based on knowledge. not on what people said what is right. because sometimes, majority does not always right.

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